About Us

How we Started

Hi, I’m Mari!

I grew up with my mom and grandma baking cakes and sweets for our family.
Every birthday was celebrated with a cake and sweets. I remember my mom making a train cake for my little brother’s birthday when I was old enough to help with the mixer. I was always in the kitchen when she was baking. (I also always wanted to lick the bowl of dough!)

The love for baking has been with me all my life.

What we Love

Love for Baking

The love for baking has been with me all my life.
In 2019, I decided to turn that passion into something more. I started taking professional baking classes, where I learned with the best, about techniques, different cake styles, and started creating cakes.

Creating Memories for You

Soon enough, I was able to design, bake and deliver amazing cakes.
Baking a cake is more than just flour, eggs, and butter.
I am creating memories for you to celebrate with your family and loved ones. No matter the occasion.
After all, sweets bring us happiness.

What’s brigadeiro?

It’s a delicious Brazilian Chocolate Confectionery. It’s a scrumptious bite-size chocolate sweet, very popular at parties in Brazil.
It is not a bonbon, it is not a truffle, fudge, caramel, brownie, or a cupcake… it’s Brigadeiro!